Download the latest Pew Sheet: 26 Sept






Weekly Sunday Morning services are now taking place again every Sunday morning at 10am.

For the time being we suggest you might still wear masks and keep 1m distance apart.  Holy Communion will continue to be administered in ‘one kind’.  If you would like a gluten free wafer, please let the Sidespeople or Clergy know before the service starts.  We can now sing, but perhaps more quietly with the choir continuing to lead us and refreshments afterwards will now be served in the Chancel.

There will be no parking in the churchyard to leave the area outside the Church free to welcome and say farewell to each other and also ensure that there is space for a socially distanced queue for those waiting to enter church. Stewards will be on duty to guide people to their seats. For the time being Church bibles will not be available, please feel free to bring your own with you.

We are also very pleased to confirm that our Thursday morning Communion services are to begin again on Thursday 16th September at 10am.  The intention is to hold the service on the third Thursday of each month and then hopefully build back from there.

Please note that if you do have any symptoms of covid-19 you are asked, for the good of others, not to attend any services but to seek medical advice.

We look forward to welcoming everyone.


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